First Holy Communion Gifts for Boys and Girls

A child’s First Communion is an incredibly significant milestone in the child’s spiritual life. It is traditional and expected to give gifts to commemorate this important celebration. First Communion gifts should be chosen carefully to reflect the holiness of the occasion. First Communion gift ideas should be keepsakes that can be cherished for years to come. Traditional First Holy Communion gift ideas include bibles, rosaries, and other spiritual items.

First Communion Gifts for Girls

Every Catholic girl needs a rosary, and they make great girls First Communion gifts. You can find these for sale in Catholic bookstores or gift shops, and also online. Rosaries are easy gift choices for nearly every budget. They can be diminutive and dainty or baroque and showy, or anywhere in between. A rosary also makes a beautiful option for a handmade gift.

Rosary Cases-
For a girl who already has a beautiful rosary, a nice gift is a rosary case. These are available as boxes for storage and as pouches to carry. A beautiful option is a small silver case that both keeps and carries her rosary. Personalized rosary cases are a wonderful option for First Communion gifts, as these can be engraved with a girl’s name and the date of her First Holy Communion. The softer, zippered pouches for carrying her rosary to church are less expensive, but equally beautiful gifts. You can find a wide selection of these available online; they are available with ornately embroidered or painted religious artwork, and also made more simply with more subdued embellishments. These are nice to keep in her pocket or purse to protect her beautiful rosary.

Jewelry is often a treasured First Communion gift for girls. Suitable choices are those with religious symbolism. Rosary bracelets are a popular choice and will be loved and treasured by any special girl. This would be a good time to start a charm bracelet as well – and there are a wide variety of religious charms to choose from. You can begin with the First Communion charm, which features a chalice and host, or choose a saint medal or simple cross. Plain silver or gold charms can also be engraved with her name and the date. Jewelry featuring crosses is always a popular gift for commemorating this very special occasion. Buy gifts made from quality materials, such as silver or pearls, for a memento she will treasure all her life. Quality gifts such as these can even become heirlooms she can pass down to her own children on their First Communion.

Crosses are popular First Holy Communion gift ideas for girls. Small statuaries and plaques featuring crosses are available in any religious gift shop and on many websites. Crosses are available in a wide variety of price ranges and can be made from glass or ceramic, pottery, clay, silver or other metals, even carved from rock or stone. Sizes vary, but popular choices include crosses to hang on the wall in her room or to place on her bookcase or desk.

Other religious statuary and plaques are also available. There are plaques specifically to commemorate her First Holy Communion. Statues of a saint, the Blessed Virgin Mary, or a figurine of Jesus are certainly appropriate girls First Communion gifts as well.

Another choice for First Communion gifts for girls is dolls. Many gorgeous dolls have been designed specifically for First Communion gifts. The Precious Moments line includes a wide array of First Holy Communion gifts, from single dolls to complete gift sets.

First Communion Gifts for Boys

Not only great for girls, a rosary is also a great boys First Communion gift. Rosaries for boys generally use black or brown beads made from wood, stone, or silvery hematite or other metal. Like all rosaries, these also need boxes to store them I – and a wooden rosary box is an affordable choice. Many rosaries are available packaged as sets, including both the rosary and box. Some sets even include additional religious items such as scapulars or prayer cards.

Crosses & Plaques-
A cross for a boy’s room would be an appropriate gift for this special occasion. Plaques and figurines are also available styled for a boy. When choosing a cross or crucifix for a boy’s room, opt for one of a simpler, rather than ornate, design.

Accessories & Jewelry-
Jewelry can also be suitable First Communion gifts for boys. A perfect choice in this category is a patron saint medal. Catholic boys have worn these necklaces for centuries as amulets of comfort and protection. These are not dainty or girly and can be worn into manhood. Cross or crucifix necklaces are also acceptable for boys. Other choices include lapel pins and tie tacks with religious motifs.

Inexpensive First Communion gifts that any boy will appreciate are pocket tokens. These are small, often coin sized, pewter or metal tokens that are engraved with a verse, prayer, or words of comfort. These small gifts are perfect for enclosing within custom Communion cards selected for the occasion. Scapulars and prayer cards are two other great First Communion gift ideas for boys.

Other Choices – Perfect for Both!

There are plenty more ideas out there that would make suitable First Communion gifts for both boys and girls.

A popular choice for both boys and girls is a bible. There are many stores and websites that will even engrave the child’s name on the bible. There are many types of bibles to choose from. For example: bibles with pictures and simplistic text, children’s devotional bibles, study bibles with helpful and detailed notes in the margins, pocket sized bibles, and more. In addition to bibles, prayer books, missals, and other devotionals are perfect First Communion gift ideas for girls or boys.

Another gift for boys or girls is a keepsake photo frame or album. These, too, are available in a wide variety of styles, and some are suitable for engraving, making excellent personalized First Communion gifts.

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