3 Statistics That Show That Women Put More Thought Into Gifts for Their Partners Than Men

This article uses online research to identify trends between men and women when it comes to researching and purchasing gifts for their partner online. The research provides some insights into gender differences when it comes to choosing gifts, although it is likely that the results will not surprise female readers and will indeed confirm what every woman already knows!

Keyword research is a technique often used by Search Engine Optimisation Managers and Online Marketers to provide insights into search trends online, in terms of the most commonly searched for words or phrases within a geographical area. The following statistics relate to exact search volumes in the UK for the selected keywords, and are an average volume based on keyword searches over the last 12 months.

1. Gifts for Men versus Gifts for Women

In the UK, approximately 33,100 exact searches are made on Google UK for ‘gifts for men’, whereas only 8,100 are made for ‘gifts for women’. So what does this mean?

The results suggest that women are much more generous than men when it comes to buying gifts for their other half, given that there is a 409% increase in the volume of searches for ‘gifts for men’ over ‘gifts for women’.

2. Christmas Gifts for Men versus Christmas Gifts for Women

As we approach Christmas, many of us will do anything to avoid the hustle and bustle of our town and city centres, the never-ending queues, the ‘sorry, we’re out of stock’ apologies and the looks from fed-up shop assistants which say ‘hurry up and leave as we’d like to close this store now’. For online retailers, on the other hand, Christmas is one of the most profitable times of year.

Our online statistics reveal that an average monthly total of only 590 searches for ‘Christmas gifts for women’ are made in the UK, compared to a staggering 4,400 searches for ‘Christmas gifts for men’, which is almost 7.5 times as many! This is a further statistic to confirm that getting into the spirit of Christmas largely only applies to women!

3. Personalised Gifts for Men versus Personalised Gifts for Women

Sometimes buying gifts can be difficult as we try to come up with a gift idea that we haven’t done before to deliver something that is that little bit extra special. The ‘personalised gifts’ market in the UK is huge, receiving 40,500 searches on average each month in the UK.

By comparison, a total of 1,600 searches are made specifically for ‘personalised gifts for men’ and only 320 are made each month for ‘personalised gifts for women’. Searches for personalised gifts for men equate to five times the volume of searches for personalised gifts for women, which suggests that women are five times as generous as their male counterparts!

In addition to the conclusions we have reached regarding the generosity and thoughtfulness of women compared to men, we can also make a few research driven assumptions about the gifts industry. For example, the statistics lead us to believe that companies which specialise in selling giftware and personalised gifts should target both males and females, but the primary audience is females, therefore targeting female online shoppers is likely to offer the greatest return on their investment in marketing.

Keyword research is a very useful skill which can be used to inform online marketing strategy in many ways, such as selecting the right words to use for a Pay Per Click (PPC)/Google AdWords campaign or a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Project. It can also provide insights into identifying the right target audience for your marketing campaigns and inform the web design process.

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