Personalised Birthday Gifts and Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

It’s Their Birthday, So Get Personal!

2012 is well under way and there are 12 whole months of birthdays on the calendar. If like me, you have large families which mean that every month brings at least 3 or 4 birthdays, then the total cost of forking out for birthday gifts can run into hundreds of pounds. Yet you don’t want to be reduced to buying cheap gifts from your local pound shop, so what can you do to reduce your birthday budget yet still present friends and family with thoughtful and meaningful birthday gifts?

What you need are ideas that won’t break the bank but will still demonstrate to friends and family just how much they mean to you. Choosing a bespoke and eloquent birthday gift can often be just as much fun as receiving one so here are our top tips to getting some truly unique personalised birthday gifts.

Don’t be a Mug!

There are some great personalised mugs that represent the character of the recipient, such as Union Jack mugs or Keep Calm mugs with their name engraved on the side. These gifts are perfect for work colleagues who like to have their own personal mugs at tea breaks and also tea/coffee lovers. They make lovely gifts from children to granny or granddad and are inexpensive enough as teacher’s gifts too!

I’ll Drink to That

Engraved glasses are another popular personalised birthday gift item and you can get a range of personal glassware to suit the recipient such as engraved tankards for the man who loves his real ale, or a pair or wine glasses with a personalised bottle of wine for the wine loving couple, or how about an engraved champagne glass to celebrate that milestone birthday? For an extra special touch you can fill the glasses with sweets; a champagne glass filled with Love Hearts makes an inexpensive yet utterly romantic gift and a tankard inscribed with a message and given with a can of his favourite tipple will make the ideal birthday gift for him. These little touches make an already personalised gift much more thoughtful and unique.

Chocs Away!

Often the best gifts are edible ones! If you have friends to buy for or relations such as cousins and nieces then why not save the expense of buying gifts that will invariably end up on eBay? Choosing just the right gift, especially for teenagers is nigh on impossible so get them something you know will truly be appreciated! Personalised chocolate bars are scrumptious and deliciously fun gifts to both send and receive. Choose from personalised Groovy Chic bars to birthday age celebration bars. It’s a small, playful and considerate gift that will go down a real treat!

Creative Kids

Buying for children is another tricky conundrum, do you buy yet more toys that will be played with for a few weeks and then left forgotten at the bottom of the toy box? Or do you buy clothes that will please the parents but disappoint the child? How about choosing something that will please both parents and child? Personalised jigsaws and calendars are unique ideas that will delight both children and their parents! Have their names spelt out in balloons, clouds or written in the sand and turn this into a brilliant and fun jigsaw puzzle that they’ll want to make time and time again! Or help them keep track of dates and plan their school holidays with a bright and cheery calendar that has their name on every month of the year – you can even choose which month to start from which makes it a great gift for all year round! You can be sure that your gift is the one that will be remembered.

Buying personalised birthday gifts doesn’t necessarily mean spending money on expensive items. Even the smallest of gifts becomes a thoughtful and unique gesture once you personalise it. There’s a gift for even the most fussy of people, including those who truly do have everything!

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